8 thoughts on “Events

  1. Sandy Beauton June 6, 2015 — 2:15 pm

    i am interested in getting a table at your annual flea market. i am an artist who paints on glass and tile. Are there any tables left, also the date and space fee? Please let me know.thanks


    1. Yes, there are still plenty of table available. The cost for just the space is $20; if you need a table the cost is $25. Please let me know if you want to reserve space and/or table and what you will be selling. My cell phone number is 207-754-4098.
      Sue Card


  2. Hello I am from Massachusetts and attend your Flea Market every year. So many good bargins. Can you please tell me the dates it is going to be held this year. Can’t seem to find it on this web site. Thank you,


    1. Marie,

      Our events page has been updated if you would like to view/print a flyer. The flea is scheduled for July 11th starting at 8AM. We look forward to seeing you there!


  3. What date is the flea market in 2016?


  4. are you having a supper on august 27


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